Posted by: shawnandlaci | May 16, 2008

Before Laci…..

Before we adopted Laci from the Green County Humane Society all Shawna pretty much did was sleep all day.  Oh sure she’d get up and get some water and eat something.  And of course there were the occasional potty breaks, but she spent at LEAST 80% of her day sleeping!  We brought Laci home and it’s been a whole new ball game.  Shawna WANTS to go for walks now.  She hasn’t WANTED to go for a walk for a very long time.  She still sleeps a bunch but it’s not near as much as before Laci.  I can hardly wait to see what she’s like once the Gluecose starts doing its thing!  So Thank You Laci for bringing us back our dog!  Oh and by the way as much as we love you you’ll always be The Princess and Shawna will always be The Queen!

P.S. I can’t believe how “easy” we got off with the whole arthritis/gluecose thing!  Lab’s and Cockers are prone to hip problems and Shawna was 19 before the vet actually suggested we start giving her gluecose cause she was starting to look a little stiff.



  1. Glad to hear Shawna is doing so well! And, of course, the more the merrier as far as canines go. ;o) What a wonderful thing you’ve done for both your “girls”!

    It’s nice to “meet” you all, btw. :o) Your Princess and Queen are just lovely. Do I curtsy now? Or is it that we bow before royalty? (hehe)


  2. Yeah Shawna is doing really well for her age. Some days are rougher than others sometimes but there are more up days than down days! Thanks for stopping by and visiting!

    Jamie AKA The Human

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