Posted by: shawnandlaci | May 18, 2008

The girls are mad at ME!

Shawna and Laci are mad at me!  They want to go for a walk and I’ve told them no because I’ve got a really nasty cold and it’s a tad bit nippy outside here.  I think that I’ve won them over a little bit with there “special treat.”  Their “special treat” is a piece of sandwich ham with their glucose and vitamin e pills wrapped up in it….well with Shawna’s there’s some peanut butter on there too.  She thinks she’s smarter than us and will spit her pills back out…So now we put a the pills in a dab of peanut butter and now she can’t spit them back out!



  1. I love when special treats include hidden medicines. Finn does the same thing spitting out anything he is supposed to take. Hope you start feeling better.

    Bark Bark,
    Finn’s Dad

  2. Shawna thinks she’s smarter than us when it comes to med’s, etc….So we have a secret weapon that we use….Peanut Butter! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi Shawna and Laci! I’m glad your mom got you your own blog! You will have fun with it!


  4. They certainly are having fun with it Rusty! Thanks for stopping by!

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