Posted by: shawnandlaci | May 29, 2008


I really need some advice.  We are having trouble with our dog Laci having “accidents” in the house.  More specifically on our living room carpet.  We’ve had issues with our other dog having “accidents” in this room also but have used a enzymatic odor/carpet cleaner numerous times to help with the issue.  I’ve been doing some research on the net and we’ve already been doing pretty much everything that has come up in my searches.  I went and I got some piddle pads today and we’re going to see if that works.  It’s gotten to the point that her even staying in our family has been threatened….I don’t know how serious the threat was but it definately wasn’t cool.  Any advice is greatly appreciated.




  1. Jamie, How often are the accidents? Does sweet little Laci have accidents while the family is home or only when everyone is gone?

  2. She’s been having them while we’re here. It used to be a daily thing that we’d have accidents.

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