Posted by: shawnandlaci | July 1, 2008

We’re alive!

So we haven’t updated in a while.  We’re sorry.  We’ve been busy protecting our people from the neighbors and birds and rabbits and people with strollers. 

Posted by: shawnandlaci | June 9, 2008

The great flood!

It’s been raining cats and dogs here for a couple days straight here and now we’ve got flooding issues!  Heavy rain also makes going outside no fun at all!

Shawna and Laci 

Posted by: shawnandlaci | June 3, 2008

So far so good!

We’ve been trying something since saturday with Laci and it seems to be working so far.  We haven’t had an accident since we’ve started it.  What we’ve been trying is feeding and watering (as needed since it’s getting warmer outside) twice a day once in the morning and once in the evening.  Then putting her outside about 10-20 minutes later so she can do her business. 

We really don’t know much about Laci.  She’s a shelter dog and really all we know about her past life was that her former owner passed away from cancer and her and her two babies were living with the owner’s son for a while.  She’s also not fond of men.  And she’s never had any obedience training. She also has to always be with me (we’re thinking seperation anxiety), if I leave and she can’t go she will sit in front of the door and howl and cry until I get back.

Posted by: shawnandlaci | May 29, 2008


I really need some advice.  We are having trouble with our dog Laci having “accidents” in the house.  More specifically on our living room carpet.  We’ve had issues with our other dog having “accidents” in this room also but have used a enzymatic odor/carpet cleaner numerous times to help with the issue.  I’ve been doing some research on the net and we’ve already been doing pretty much everything that has come up in my searches.  I went and I got some piddle pads today and we’re going to see if that works.  It’s gotten to the point that her even staying in our family has been threatened….I don’t know how serious the threat was but it definately wasn’t cool.  Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Posted by: shawnandlaci | May 24, 2008

And in other news…..The squirrels are driving me nuts!

Laci here again….I’d just like to say that the squirrels are infultrating our neighborhood with the sole purpose of DRIVING ME NUTS!  They like to run by MY patio window and taunt me…..So VERY uncool of them.  Then when MY person takes me for a walk and I see one I want to chase it but my leash only goes so far and MY human says NO.  Squirrels are EVIL!

Shawna here….My humans have had me on glucoseamine for a little while now and it really seems to be helping.  I feel a ton better and I’m moving about better than before.  Yeah for Gluecoseamine!

Have a great weekend everybody!

Big Sloppy Kisses,

Shawna and Laci


Posted by: shawnandlaci | May 23, 2008

Laci Here!

Just wanted to say that today was pretty much a lazy lay around day.  I enjoy those days myself…Every Princess needs to take a little time off from being The Princess every now and then.  My human mom and MY human went away early this morning and didn’t take me with them.  That was VERY uncool!  Then when they got home MY human went outside to mow MY grass and didn’t let me help…Again VERY uncool!  Well MY human is going to bed in a few minutes so it’s time to get my beauty sleep on!  Talk to you all tomorrow!

Jamie, Shawna and Laci

P.S.  Shawna says it’s HER grass too!  I guess we can share….just this once!

Posted by: shawnandlaci | May 21, 2008

This is how we “help” blog

Posted by: shawnandlaci | May 20, 2008

The Iradicators!

Have I mentioned lately that Laci absolutely HATES birds, rabbits and any other small furry creatures that happen to venture into her yard?  She goes absolutely BANANAS!  It’s actually pretty funny to watch cause she gets all stiff and starts shaking (she shakes when she’s excited), then the barking fury begins.  What’s worse is that now Shawna has taken up this little “habit” as well.  So now we have two dogs loking out of our back patio door barking like maniacs at a little tiny robin (or whatever happens to have tripped their triggers!)


Jamie, Laci and Shawna

Posted by: shawnandlaci | May 19, 2008

The girls are happy again!

I was still feeling pretty crappy but I made the girls happy and took them both for a walk to make up for the lack of walks over the past couple of days.  Of course it was during the time that kids start walking to school in our neighborhood so Laci thought that everybody should stop and show her some love.  Shawna couldn’t have cared less.  That’s what I love about my dogs….They are polar opposites of each other.

Posted by: shawnandlaci | May 18, 2008

The girls are mad at ME!

Shawna and Laci are mad at me!  They want to go for a walk and I’ve told them no because I’ve got a really nasty cold and it’s a tad bit nippy outside here.  I think that I’ve won them over a little bit with there “special treat.”  Their “special treat” is a piece of sandwich ham with their glucose and vitamin e pills wrapped up in it….well with Shawna’s there’s some peanut butter on there too.  She thinks she’s smarter than us and will spit her pills back out…So now we put a the pills in a dab of peanut butter and now she can’t spit them back out!

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